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Solid State and Traveling Wave Tube RF Amplifiers (Pulsed and CW), Antennas, TEM Cells, RF Components, Sensors / Probes and Leveling Preamplifiers


Commercial and Custom Switching Solutions (General Purpose, Matrix, Fault Insertion, Multiplexers, RF & Microwave, Optical, Programmable Resistors, Digital I/O...) , PXI, LXI, PCI, VXI Test Instruments, PXI Chassis...

Marvin Test

PXI and PC-Based Test Solutions;  PXI Chassis and Instruments, Test Executive and Development Software (ATEasy), Automated Test Systems and Integration Services


Quartz Crystals, Oscillators and Sensors for High Reliability Applications. Military Grade, High Shock, Extended Temp, Implantable Medical Applications.

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