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Networks International

RF & Microwave Filters and Assemblies, Lumped Component Filters, Cavity Filters, Ceramic Filters, Crystal Filters, Switched Filter Banks, Phase Shifters, Mutiplexers & Diplexers


Quartz Crystals, Oscillators and Sensors for High Reliability Applications. Military Grade, High Shock, Extended Temp, Implantable Medical Applications.


Diodes, AWGN Modules, BITE Modules, Amplified Noise Modules.  Surface Mount and Through-Hole

M2 Global

High-performance RF & Microwave Components and Subsystems, Standard and Custom Configurations for Coaxial, Wave-guide, and Drop-in Circulators, Power Dividers, Couplers, Splitters, Diplexers, Filters, and Wave-guide Assemblies


High-Performance Passive RF and Microwave Components, Low PIM Components


Broadband Amplifiers & Drivers, Baluns & Transformers, Bias Tees, DC Blocks, Power Dividers and Pick-Off Tees

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