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Automotive Electrical Disturbances, Absorbing Clamps, Burst Generators, Antennas, Coupling Networks, Current Injection Probes, ESD Simulators, Harmonics & Flicker, EM Clamps, Dips Interrupts & Variations, ISNs, Directional Couplers, Sine Wave Ring Wave & Oscillatory Wave Generators, Power Amplifiers, GTEM & TEM Cells, Surge Generators, Strip Lines, Refurb Chambers

EM Test 

Automotive EMC Test Solutions, ESD Generators, EFT/Burst Generators, Combination Wave/Surge Generators, Conducted LF/RF Immunity Testing, Power Quality Testing, Programmable AC/DC Power Sources, Multifunctional Generators (Immunity), Harmonics & Flicker, Telecom Surge Generators, Voltage Surge Generators, Current Surge Testing, Coupling Netorks for EMC Testing


Solid State and Traveling Wave Tube RF Amplifiers (Pulsed and CW), Antennas, TEM Cells, RF Components, Sensors / Probes and Leveling Preamplifiers


Broadband Class A Amplifiers, Typically Operating in the 80MHz to 6GHz Range with Output Powers from 10W to Above 1kW

Raymond EMC

Shielded Enclosures, Pre-and Fully Compliant Anechoic Chambers, Sheilded Cabinets, RF Filters, Antenna Measurement, Chamber Modifications and Moves.

Transient Specialists

Exclusive U.S. Distributor for EM Test and Teseq ESD Simulators and related ESD Testing Equipment

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